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Annie QuestWhen not creating or performing with the Annies, Annie Quest teaches pragmatic social skills to young people at The Greenwood School. She produces and directs the yearly play there as well. She also runs Fairy camps and classes in Westminster, VT.

Annie Frelich has a background in early childhood education and performs as a solo act in a variety of settings. Her "Birthday Bonanza," a personalized birthday show which she created in 1994, is her specialty and is enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Quest and Frelich both take part in the creation of their show. They are both singer-songwriters. After a song is written, it's off to the puppet workshop where the visual ideas in the music come to life. There, puppets are made of a variety of materials including recycled and found objects. Children are delighted when they take a closer look and realize that these characters are made from things they would find around the house.

Annie FrelichSome of the puppets are people, many are animals and plants, and others are purely imaginary beings. Each specific performance is created by mixing and matching these music and puppet vignettes. It is an ever evolving combination and it is rare to ever see the same show twice. Children who are regular fans enjoy both the surprise of hearing and seeing new creations as well as the familiarity of their old favorite numbers.

The Annies also enjoy running creative workshops for both kids and adults in which the participants let their own imaginations run wild. (Most people are fantastic puppet makers -- they just don't know until they try it.) Their "Mission in Puppetville" workshop is designed to help teachers to bring more creativity to their classrooms.

When The Annies are not creating or performing, they are busy in the studio recording their CD.

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