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The Critics Are Raving About The Annies...

What kids are saying...

Annie's Puppets Audience"Hey mom. We could make a puppet at home. We’ll just use our imaginations."
- Jeremy (age 4)

"It’s fun ‘cause I can dance with them."
- Gwenie (age 2 1/2)

"It’s so funny I just halfta laugh."
- Shawn (age 4)

"I really liked Tiny and the songs and the fairy castle."
- S.R. Putney VT

"I like the big spider best, because he was good."
- C.L. Dummerston VT

"Very good show! It was funny."
- S.S. Chittenden VT

"I would like it if they would come to my house."
- author unknown

What adults are saying...

"Thank you so much for the spectacular presentation The Annies brought to the museum. I had heard of ‘The Annies reputation’ and was so pleased to be able to see you here at the BMAC."
- Susan Calabria, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Brattleboro VT

"It was a GREAT concert, the best we’ve ever had."
- Linda Donnigan, Bennington Free Library, Bennington VT

" What a splendid performance it was! The children, parents, and staff were entranced for the entire 45 minutes. Nobody wanted the show to end. The Annies did an excellent job of weaving in themes of cultural diversity at our request. They were very responsive to whatever we wanted to have included and offered excellent suggestions. The show was varied, full of gentle moments and energetic times as well. People left feeling uplifted and happy. The children were in awe of the characters and delighted to be able to actually touch them at the close of the performance.We enthusiastically recommend The Annies. Your party will be a success with such a superb duo!!"
- Susan Dire, Community and Parent Involvement Coordinator, Brattleboro VT

"If you want entertainment that will warm your spirit and make you roll with laughter, then The Annies are your ticket! The Annies have boundless energy on stage. Whether singing from their repertoire of self- written songs or performing theater pieces with puppets, the message of their performance is always upbeat and self affirming. Their ability to weave humor into everything they do reveals their genuine appreciation for the human spirit. We are fortunate to have a community that supports entertainers like The Annies. They are creative, wholesome, energetic and absolutely hilarious!"
- Molly Stoner, Camp Waubanong, Camp Director, Neighborhood Schoolhouse, Principal, Brattleboro VT

"Adults as well as kids connected with this fine program."
- Linda Donigan and Chris Poggi, Children’s Librarians Bennington Free Library, Bennington VT

"(The Annies) were wonderful, delightful, entertaining and a favorite with not only students but staff."
- Abey Munger, Fair Haven Grade School Health Fair Committee, Fair Haven VT

"Great show for varied ages! Great job! Good entertainment."
- J.B. Wayne NJ

"Wonderful- you entertained all of us- toddlers as well as us ‘seniors’"
- D.R. West Monroe NY

"Awesome, silly, fun !!"
- B.O. Keene NH

"We love you guys!"
- N.S. Keene NH

"You Rock!"
- R.Z. Brattleboro VT

"We love your shtick and more deeply, your moving spirits that flow through your songs."
- J.M. Meridan CT

"Your songs are so beautiful with the harmonies and sophisticated humor, but the melodies really draw me in."
- E.R. Putney VT

"Wonderful! Inspiring!"
- L.D. Lebanon NH

"Very Good. Nice environmental message."
- G.H. Sharon VT

"Thank you for your post 20th century culturally wild and open approach beautifully written and performed."
- P.W. Brownsville VT

"You are magic"
- L.B. Brattleboro VT

"Very upbeat, creative and a lot of fun."
- B.E. Fair Haven VT

"It was wonderful."
- J.B. Fair Haven VT

- G.H. Bennington VT

"You ladies sound great. It was a really great show. Thanks."
- W.B. Bennington VT

"The children were enchanted and mesmerized by the magical, musical world of the Annies and their puppets."
- X.F. Wilmington VT

What teachers are saying...

* "High and enthusiastic. Creative hands on fun training."

* "Amazing ‘Dinomite’ "

* "It was fantastic. It was so much fun."

* "Amazing. I loved this. I learned so much."

* "Excellent. I loved it!"

* "I loved this workshop. The Annies were a ton of fun an it was very hands on."

* "This workshop was fun, exciting, hands on. I am going to see if they can come to visit my center."

* "What ENERGY! Great time, cool ideas."

Louie The LouseWhat Puppets are saying...

"The Annies are great to work with, I just wish they’d stop putting words in my mouth."
- Louie the Louse

"I used to be an old has bean, but these gals made me blossom."
- Monsieur Green Bean

"An udderly moooving performance!"
- The Lady Moo



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