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Five Little Pirates
MONDAY DECEMBER 31st at 4:00 as part of LAST NIGHT CELEBRATION!! This lively show will be held in The Multi Media Room at The Brattleboro Retreat. Sing, dance, and ring in 2013 with the magic of music and puppets. This show is a fun way for kids to celebrate the coming of the new year!!

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22nd (time TBA) at Brooks Memorial Library as part of Winter Carnival!! We will have a rocking good time and warm up these frosty winter days as we sing, dance, and make merry with our silly puppet friends!

Movin Into Music Family Style: a music and movement class for children 1-5 yrs and their caregivers is being offered by Annie Frelich through the Brattleboro Music Center 9:30 on Mondays.

Please call the Brattleboro Music Center (802)257-4523 for more information or call Annie F. at (802) 387-4710 with any questions!


Crazy Stew Wins Award!

Crazy Stew!
We are pleased to announce that Crazy Stew is a 2008 Parents'Choice Approved Award winner!
Crazy Stew is twelve of our original songs beautifully arranged and performed. Artists, Rob Huether,Dave Shapiro, Katie Bowen, Stephen Whitman and Derrick Jordan grace our songs with their magnificent music.Dan Aaron composed for an amazing string trio: Sabine Rhyne, Michelle Leichti, and Claudia Compazzo on Beasts In the Field Birds In the Air.Our delightful chorus of young singers on Babies In My Garden round out this wonderful listening experience!
Learn more about our CD by visiting the About the Annies section of our site and clicking on the CD.

While you are there please check out our three awesome ANNIE-MATIONS created by Rob Huether who is our talented bassoonist AND cartoonist!!

Crazy Stew is on sale now in Annies Store on this site, Heartstone Books in Putney Center, Putney VT, The Putney Food Coop,Sprout on Elliot Street in Brattleboro VT, The KidsPlayce in Brattleboro VT, The Brattleboro Museum, Annies Bookstop in Rutland VT, Borders Books in Keene NH, Ruggles and Hunt in Walpole NH, and
Other locations soon to be announced.
Of course, you can always buy one at our shows!

The Gang Relaxes on Ardshona Isle

Puppets, people and puppies enjoyed a relaxing moment on beautiful Ardshona Island in the Georgian Bay, Canada this summer 07.
When the days were not full of shows and camps and workshops everyone enjoyed some time to chill and just feel the breeze in our hair (and antenna).

Puppets Rock Pointe Au Baril Canada

A Hoy!
Toadillia steered our ship to shore as we performed in Pointe Au Baril in The Georgian Bay Aug 2007.
Lucky for us we had our trusty toad to help...because the weather can be mighty rough and we could only get there by boat!

Singing In The Songyard

Good Luck Songyard!
The Annies enjoyed playing at a lovely school in Chester Vermont called The Songyard. Our show marked an ending to the schools location in the center of Chester. If you know a place where the Songyard could create a beautiful new beginning please contact Domenica at

Its All In A Name

I Believe in Dragons!
Our Dragon friend who sometimes pops up in our show has a VERY long name which you can learn. It goes like this:
Poofarooni Spagitooni Mostica Hostica Lastica Loony Bee Bim Bop Walla Walla Hoof but my name is so long you can just call me POOF(now stick out your tongue make the raspberry sound!)
Thats it! Can you say it?

Calling All Cows!

Who could be calling on The Bovine Hotline?
Dont miss Vermonts own Heifer fest:The Strolling Of The Heifers on Saturday June 3rd. 2006. There will be great food, activities, and performances and lets not forget the awesome parade of Bovine Beauties down Main Street in Brattleboro VT. You might even get to meet The Dairy Godmother! Come join the fun of this unique Vermont tradition! The Annies will be performing at 12:30 on The Retreat Meadows.

The Sounds Of Spring Are Singing

What A Sound!
Ivy age 5, has put the final track down for our "Babies In My Garden" chorus. Way to go Ivy! Now it's time to mix it all together and stir up the Crazy Stew!

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