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Puppet Workshop

Be a Puppet Packrat!

The Annies make most of their puppets out of ordinary objects and stuff we find around the house. We like to call it Lovely Junk.

Attention Glue Gun Users!
A low temp glue gun is a great tool for puppet making, but that glue can be HOT! Please make sure that you let a grownup help you when you are using one.

Here is a list of some Lovely Junk that you might want to have around when you are making puppets.

  1. buttons
  2. yarn or string or old ribbon
  3. weird wooden widgets
  4. any small safe hardware items like springs or little hinges
  5. safe and clean recycled materials like bottlecaps, juice tabs,and corks
  6. beads
  7. wool
  8. scraps of cloth or torn clothing that can’t be worn anymore
  9. cardboard and empty cereal boxes, etc.
  10. old socks, gloves, and mittens make great puppet bodies
With the help of your imagination almost any old funky thing can have puppet making potential!!


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